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About Us
About Our Business
We have been in business for almost 9 years now.
Our goal is to help people in real estate to find the best wholesale
deals buyer's & seller's one big happy satisfied family.
My services are unique we cover the complete process in real
estate investing one must know the market you are buying and
selling property.
The best part of real estate is knowing how to locate the funds
private lender's,hard money lender's and banks.
There are so many ways to do business it's important to stay on
top of the right procedures each deal call for something more to
be done the numbers must make sense.
This is where we  master the competition our long standing
and abundance of daily deals closing at such a high rate it's
nothing to do 50 deals on a given month business is great. Thank
you to all our customer's and constant new business.
  • Due Diligence
  • Mentor give constant help oversee each & every deal
  • The personal touch
  • Our success referrals from buyer's & seller's
  • Network a large base makes the deals flow easy
  • Strong closer's & great resources
  • Fantastic attorney's & title companies can get the job done ALJSTAR GLOBAL HOLDINGS,INC Business Consultant Firm-Real Estate CONTACT US (302)345-2038 3434 Old Capitol Trail Ste 5227,Wilmington,De 19808
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