The Money Wheel Of FortuneJuly 15

Aljstar #1 Money Maker’s Online -Reinventing the money wheel of fortune
Why not empower yourself to see the bigger picture knowledge will set you free in today’s world?
Who among us is tired of being broke & having zip dollars to boot not able to pay for a bottle of water to save your life?
This can change right now instantly do you believe in yourself or just living on the kindest of other’s!
If,you answered yes than let me show you how easy it can be paying it forward concept each one can teach one more.
There are so many people claiming to know how we can make cash on the Internet !
The key challenge the master’s we are tired of phony check stubs show me .
Let me be the judge stop puffing air & see the truth do I supply you with your riches!
I will take on 150 students who will follow a simple plan,after 30 days you should have a nice cash flow for FREE.
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Money Jobs Online- Wave Of The Future-Who Wants Employment & No Longer Standing In Line For An ApplicationMarch 31

Money Jobs Online
Who wants employment & no longer standing in line for an application?
This is a cry for help & we can see a global effect no jobs are available to apply for all over!
People are staying on jobs they hate & are killing them off everyday piece by piece.
They do this because lack of jobs in the market & to draw a paycheck to feed their family.
God,the job sucks so badly someone please rescue me,because quiting is not an option!
The depressed folks are possibly feeling that way here’s a solution listen carefully & it does not involve a gun & bullet.
I will show you how to make money online right now the first 30 people will be mentored by me!
Look for future instructions for the working class articles from my website.
Tools needed for the job the following:
2)desire to succeed
3)Ability to communicate & use your computer
4) no application needed
5)Free no cost to you
6)Instructions given daily every step of the way
7)open door policy ask all the questions (already) stop with Jedi mind control most guru’s use on their customer’s a lengthy sales pitch page
8)you must have something to look forward while working a job you hate concentrate on your future money jobs online(survival)no heart attacks or strokes from stress
9) stay tune will post info on the Internet,but a few will get lucky my chosen students will get tutored by me a CEO of a major company
10)Leave me a message- if,you would like to be considered being my student

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Money Overboard-Review-Who Is Wasting FundsMarch 24

Money Overboard-Review-Who Is Wasting Funds
The economy is getting scary for individuals & companies ceo’s are ringing the bell for defeat!
Those that are looking at a broader picture I commend you!
I see a lot of us are lying to your selves & the public.
Why do some companies on the verge of bankruptcy & crying
for government funding turn right around & give a Hugh bonus to upper management?
Who’s pulling the strings at the top of the food chain let’s take a look at the whole lot of folks not just one individual this should be a group thing teamwork?
I’m sure not just one person made bonus..
My experience was pretty good review & we can discuss.

Stimulus 2009 Factors-People-vs-Congress-ReviewMarch 12

Stimulus 2009 Factors-People-vs-Congress-Review
We the people are very happy to receive a stimulus 2009 check.
I hope all factors were looked at the same way when we extend aide to foreign countries to help them!
There were no bridges to long to walk across or valley’s to deep
to purge down into for solutions to figure out for hard questions.
ex:If,we do the stimulus what will happen to the deficit status?
Answer:The American people with stimulus checks will pour money into the economy causing a domino effect,which will cause rippling results to the deficit. This will be a land slide the more we spend the better!
Congress can help the American people set the deficit straight by insuring stimulus 2009 is not cut down.
Why skim off the top for your own Americans to suffer a great lose & there are better Positive things to feel in life besides cheated?
I know in order to supply the money the number’s might have been reduced,so reach into the national vault & pull out the billions set aside for an emergency!
Hello,it’s here right now called” recession”.
r=roll out
e= equal justice
c= come now
e=emergency help
s=save us
o=open the door
n=no more waiting (act now)

My experience was excellent with Stimulus 2009 Factors review & we can discuss!

Money Creation-Bloggers Making A killing Online-ReviewMarch 10

Today the year 2009 Money Creation-Bloggers Making A killing Online-Review
Those that are using blogs to make big money online have several sites each one has a certain revenue starting at $300 a day to $10,000 a month.
I personally know a money making guy who’s conquering Google AdWords.
He makes over $5,000 a day not bad.
My experience was pretty good review & we can discuss!

Money Conventions -VS- Google Business News-Review- AljstarGlobalHoldingsInc.comMarch 2

Money Conventions-VS-Google Business
I have done Internet Conventions which is new a marketplace for everyone to meet.
Hot news you can all discuss at say 6:00pm every night…
This works in a forum or face book very productive.
If, you want a private setting can go into a chat room that’s set-up by invitation only.
Best part it’s free let your group know the time & marketplace bring Google business news as & opening or create your own news…

Money Concepts- AljstarGlobalHoldingsInc.comFebruary 27

People who have money know how to guard it well.
Those that are high & dry broke seem to have a hard time
making money stretch these days!
Which one are you a person with money or broke?
I find myself hating to break a $20.00 bill,because once you use one dollar
of that money it starts to spend quickly.
The economy is changing your way of thinking we are in a recession state.
Who need a guide line on spending money?
Easy three steps
1)Only spend in direr emergency
2)Who will benefit from the transaction
3)Why spend cash charge it & pay later
In,conclusion think before spending long & hard about your finances can I truly afford this now

Money Control-Review-AljstarGlobalHoldingsInc.comFebruary 25

People who Manage Money tend to be a little tight when handling
the funds.
My experience was good review & we can discuss!
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Money Seizures-Review-AljstarGlobalHoldingsInc.comFebruary 23

My experience was excellent review & we can discuss right away!
Imagine someone being a kingpin or lots cash that exchange hands everyday.
Do you know how much narcotics that pass through the United States 5 kilograms on a cruise ship or worse?
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