The Seven Positive Consequences Of Money-AljstarGlobalHoldingsInc.ComFebruary 6

The Seven positive Consequences Of Money-AljstarGlobalHoldingsinc.Com
1)Why should you be able to have money?
2)Who has the most money in the world?
3)Where are the money seeker’s?
4)How can you get some filthy luka?
5)The economy are we dead financially & just in denial?
6)Do we really care about living or dying?
7)The worse has happened is the best yet to come President Obama?
My opinion is the following do you agree?
Answers 1-7
1)People want & need money to live,survive this thing called “life”.
2)This is the easiest one fort knox,national treasury & uncle sam.
3)Entrepreneur’s come knocking at the door.
4)Get A job or create one on the Internet.
5)Heck no slight set back,but reorganizing the flow of money & handling,
the deficit will make us whole & strong again.
6)People tend to want to live that has cash.
7)This is the best change badly needed
” how a well run campaign freed the american people”