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My experience was good review & we can discuss.
I love to listen to different stories told by many people.
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Money Reunions-Buyer Beware-Organizer’s Rip-Off-Review-AljstarGlobalHoldingsInc.comFebruary 9

Money Reunions-Buyer Beware-Organizer’s Rip-Off-Review-AljstarglobalHoldingsInc.Com
Imagine purchasing airline tickets,reserving a hotel room,purchasing clothing for the school reunion.
The last minuet showing up & nothing has been organized company in charged ripped you all off everyone paid in advance thousands of dollars gone.
What should you do collectively get a law suit & let everybody know put an ad in the news paper?
Why allow them ever do this again to someone else people get excited over meeting old flames,rivalries see me now attitude to correct painful past,enjoy ourselves reminiscing over past memories.
Hello crooks you stole all of that & their money when you do not pull-off the event.
Why should we let you live among us creeps are like poison to the root of a tree killing us all?
If,you solicit to help do what your getting paid for there’s no free money in the world!
My Opinion lately a lot of organizer’s are doing this to unaware customer’s be safe & good do your homework before giving any money.