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Money Equations-HomeOwners-First Time Buyer’s-Pitfall’
There are a few major things that happen in your life!
1)Getting Married
2)Becoming parents
3)Purchasing a House

My experience was good in purchasing a house,because I took my mom with me.
She had several pieces of property & knew the In’s & outs of the deal & what to ask about the property.
This is important to take someone who’s been through it before a friend or relative they already might have of gotten burned,so can negotiate a lower price for the house, items that are not right make sure you have made a list most first time buyer’s do not do,so.
The problem becomes yours after closing you must have it stipulated in the closing new refrigerator,washer,dryer,stove must be replaced prior to new owner moving into the property.
If,you decide to accept no replacements or other conditions make sure you bring down the cost of asking price of house use this for leverage of purchasing the house all the work the house needs now.Good Luck first time buyer’s