Money Katrina-Disaster 2 years later-No Justice or Peace-ReviewMarch 6

Money Katrina 2 years later- No Justice or Peace- Review
We are appalled at the overseer’s of the funds very little was spent from the relief budget in helping the people & rebuilding.
There were no long time goals set-up for the people to have a security blanket in the recovery stage,which would take sometime 3to5 years to make them whole again .
The goals were set to low & even lower in help(Worldwide) view is in play perhaps the injustice was,because the color of their skin & nationality!
This brings America to open shame what are we teaching other countries about our own self image perhaps we do not care about our own people the Americans they were never refugee’s.
The people of Louisiana deserved dignity & respect most of all the melting pot we brag about so much about seeing no color or race.
On that very day of disaster I was ashamed to be called an “American” for the terrible treatment given to them!
I apologize for the short comings of the leader that was in charge & had a brain fart this person was so slow with help.
He could of made several trips around the world 1 year worth.
Let’s take a look at slavery being issued on different playing fields than our four father’s & descents over many year’s ago.
This is done with ease now in a jester or dismal of our rights look back did the people that were enslaved get their 40 acres & a mule or cheated!
In Concluding,remember God is watching he sits high & looks low
in the hearts of our nation.
What is already written his will is in the workings?
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