Stimulus 2009 Factors-People-vs-Congress-ReviewMarch 12

Stimulus 2009 Factors-People-vs-Congress-Review
We the people are very happy to receive a stimulus 2009 check.
I hope all factors were looked at the same way when we extend aide to foreign countries to help them!
There were no bridges to long to walk across or valley’s to deep
to purge down into for solutions to figure out for hard questions.
ex:If,we do the stimulus what will happen to the deficit status?
Answer:The American people with stimulus checks will pour money into the economy causing a domino effect,which will cause rippling results to the deficit. This will be a land slide the more we spend the better!
Congress can help the American people set the deficit straight by insuring stimulus 2009 is not cut down.
Why skim off the top for your own Americans to suffer a great lose & there are better Positive things to feel in life besides cheated?
I know in order to supply the money the number’s might have been reduced,so reach into the national vault & pull out the billions set aside for an emergency!
Hello,it’s here right now called” recession”.
r=roll out
e= equal justice
c= come now
e=emergency help
s=save us
o=open the door
n=no more waiting (act now)

My experience was excellent with Stimulus 2009 Factors review & we can discuss!