Real Estate Investing Everything You Need to Know Before The Decision Is Made Profit Or LossJune 20

Real Estate Investing Everything You Need To Know Before The Decision Is Made Profit Or Loss
How to be totally thinking on what comes next without loosing your shirt?
The professionals know how to put the components together?
Let’s look at major player’s in real estate who learn all there is about investing !
Those that have done it in the pass Bloomberg,Donald Bren and Stephen Ross just to name a few.
They knew how to find the winner’s circle by learning the facts early in the game the numbers need to add up.
My best play book is getting yourself to think outside the box know the details of real estate investing.
This will give you a better understanding when a deal comes your way in putting the pieces together.
Who will get the profit and which person will experience the loss?
Why stop in the middle of the road when you can start practically anywhere try the steps and not re-inventing the wheel.

Happy Thanksgiving Real Estate Monies Buy & Hold Properties Are The BestNovember 24

Welcome everybody pull up a seat let’s talk make yourself comfortable.
My Passion is real estate I love looking at properties & flipping property is great,but I love to buy & hold property best.
The high percent rate on yields are great (ROI) return on investments is fabulous monies to earn.
Let’s look at long term investments rental property-vs flipping property why not have your property pay you
at the very beginning of the investment.

Where as flipping the property you have to fix the property which can take 3 to 6 months + holding cost+ hard money lending most of the times
points on the loan/ can refinance loan only if long term.
The longer you have the property profit gets eaten up, so you have to really crunch the numbers check out the deal is the property worth
hard money lending try to get private money first than community bank loans.
My experience private money lenders self managed owner’s of ira’s people looking for an investment that you personally know friends & family members are the best resource.
There is bigger picture you must see ahead like looking at crystal ball & seeing the future of real estate wouldn’t that be cool.
Thanksgiving Real Estate Monies Buy & Hold Properties tips just watch it unfold mist in the air with a veil of smoke so thick you could not cut open with a knife.
People gather near & fair told about a variety of properties beautiful bunglows,colonial, ranch style & two story houses all dirt cheap with little fix up cost.
This would be ideal property you can cherry pick them save the best just for you what a real estate adventure.
Now you wake-up from all the excitement to see reality slap you in the face find off market property is the key.
I see connected investors liked minded people doing real estate business among themselves getting down to basics.
The tool that is needed REALLY FLIP NOW I love using this it’s made life truly simple; while being a real estate investor.
Thank you Really FLIP NOW for saving my life.
Why I believe Buy & Hold property is the best ROI because it keeps giving all the way until the end.