Donate To A Veterans Cause Affordable Homes & Meals ProgramJanuary 6

Donate to a veterans cause affordable homes & meals program.
We the American people are united as one history has been written a long time ago.
The greats are among the dead presidents one person comes to my mind JFK.
He was a great president and one of the best men the United States had ever known let history be told a fair man by many folks.
I believe JFK gave people a chance look at Martin Luther King they knew of each other and showed respect in their daily dealings for one another.
Why are the veterans so important to us because they are our bread and butter?
Which can substain us from hunger and war all so equally deadly almost like a common factor one can kill you slowly from starvation the other will destroy within lack of freedom?
My destiny for veterans grabs a hold of the cause affordable homes & meals program this is the way of honoring them.
This is simple feed them so they can live and give a roof over their heads and warm shelter.
There are people that care I see a storm brewing no veteran should be homeless when they have fought for me and you to be free.
These are the glory days can you hear the drum it beats loudly the call is thunder and lightly hitting falling ever so gentle on the land.
Those that answer the very sound are humanitarians who make a stand are investing in the nourishing of our soldiers.
Look not to the left or right but within ourselves stand and deliver say yes long overdue this is our story.
Therefore wrestle your own self down do the very thing show love for another in helping their plight.
Do soldiers on the battlefield question what must be done or just reacts?
They have made hard decisions in war and never waiver from the cause keep up the fight.
Donate to this fight their cause decent shelter and food for their bellies and give them the strength to live on and see a brighter horizon.
However, the words swirls in your mind don’t be blind and the veterans are unique one of a kind so now we serve them.
Please show them love like a mother does her child protect them from the lonely streets and give them their needs a grown eagle do for the baby bird and gave a worm because the baby bird is unable to fend for its self many levels of caring enough to get the job done.
Truth is knowledge are you up to the challenge come join the cause can you see this right now.

AljstarGlobalholdingsInc Wants To Help With Affordable Homes For Veterans And A Meal ProgramDecember 25

The Veterans are the American Patriots they have fought a good fight now they need shelter.
How many of us will rise to the occassion to help get affordable housing for veterans?
We the people have a lot to be thankful for today living is tough just day by day stuff.
This is a worthy cause to obtain 5 homes for veterans and a meal program.
Who will join in I know AljstarGlobalHoldingsInc wants to help with affordable homes for veterans and a meal Program.
My hope is to get everyone involved please donate and get the word out this has been a long time dream.
There are many generations of soldiers my dad and grandfather served in the army and received medals for valor.
These are hard times now stores are closing and going out of business money do not buy more;instead it buys much less
years ago eggs was just five cents now three twenty nine a dozen.
What I ask is reasonable here’s our chance to pay it forward for the men and woman who saved our lives.
Please donate to make this a reality give them something to call home and feed them so they can live.