Money Dump Online- Review- Apta.ComAugust 4

People I did not know this exist so I wanted to share this idea Money Dump Pump my experience this is a good idea to ride public transportation as a nation for one day leave the car at home & make a statement by doing so as a nation review & let’s talk….
APTA: 2008 National Dump the Pump Day Online Toolkit
APTA developed this online toolkit to assist transit agencies in carrying out their dump the pump … Logo Economics. Dump the Pump Logo (Saving Money) …

Convert Your Car to Burn water + Gasoline in today’s economy we need better devices to survive.July 21

Run Your Car On Water
Drive Around Using WATER as FUEL and Laugh At Rising Gas Costs.
This is long over due American people we deserve better convert your car to burn water + gasoline in today’s economy we need better devices to survive.
Think water = combustible fuel. Bang

Hybrid Cars we will all be driving them soon fuel expense is killing usApril 27

Why are we suffering so bad with high fuel cost?
This is America #1 country land of opportunity.
When did we drop the ball?
The answer we did not so this will combat fuel cost purchase a hybrid car and save large sums of money on gas prices!|_2008_GMBP_Segment_|_IMG_Hybrid_Car_Segment_|_GM_Shop_Hybrid_Car_HV_|_hybrid_car