Money Honeymoons-Review-AljstarGlobalHoldingsinc.ComJanuary 30

Money Honeymoons-Review-Aljstar
My best experience I would defiantly do it again…
This is great for weddings take a cruise!
The nicest way to do have a excellent resource.

Money Wars-Review-AljstarGlobalHoldingsInc.comJanuary 27

AljstarGlobalHoldingsInc-Money Wars-Review
Why do we fight worldwide destruction can be solved in peace?
Money Wars who is making money for guns & bullets?
People supply & demand in effect no one wants a war,but it can
be profitable for the middle man the economics 101.
My eternal hope for all is peace will find this nation soon & God’s Love
Best Resource

Atlantic City Money-Review-AljstarGlobalHoldingsInc.comJanuary 26

Atlantic City
I visited Bally’s Resort this week & had a great time,also won some money.
My experience is Ac Casinos are changing,but they do have negative vibes.
I looked around the room very few people were winning any money.
This use to be a place were people that needed big money for rent problems
would play for the day & make big money the good old day’s.
Take a look at cost $400.00 for room + $1,200(2day stay)+ $5.00 parking=$1,605.00
Do I feel this was a great time or was there a raping?
Winning Amount $300.00
Let’s discuss all casinos why do people play? HomeOwner’s With Foreclosure-ReviewJanuary 23 HomeOwner’s With Foreclosure-Review
Why risk loosing your home ?
If, you are in direr need of a loan to bail out we can help you stay a float.
Refinance now rates are good for those with bad credit scores their are lender’s that will deal with hard to find loans for mortgages.
Best Resource for Foreclosure purchases & pre-foreclosures.

Obama Inauguration 1/20/ DayJanuary 20 Inauguration 2009- New Millennium-Happiest Day
American People feel a change will mark the beginning of a new era for hope & world peace.
This is our pray as one nation simply needing a positive change no more double talking or secret multi-tasking for deadly outcomes. We just want a connection like a fine knit woven blanket each stitch represents the people on the move of creating something great our leader hands are the instruments casting forth the movement called ” sound bridges” carefully constructed by our master plan JESUS on the main line…

Two good resources


Money Explosion 16

Money Explosion
This website is making money online a shocking amount every month over 40k
Money Exchange Store knocking down the competition everyday!
We all need a business plan come get yours guaranteed satisfaction.
Servicing Nationwide pick a Niche Let’s get you the cash join the elite…

Feed The American People-Donation-@ FundableJanuary 13

Please Help Feed The Elderly & Provide Transportation @ Fundable
After all Money Contributions must start at Home first and be sent out Nationwide.
Global Love is needed to mend the pain,see with your own eyes & clean up your own backyard than search in the wilderness.

Fundable Online Fundraising — Feed The ElderlyJanuary 10

Fundable lets groups of people raise funds or pool money for group …feed the elderly 42 men & women need help to survive life.

Feed The Elderly & Provide Transportation-FundableJanuary 7


My goal is to feed 42 elderly men & woman in my area their starving literally.
I’d like to surprise them all & show them love still exist in this world by giving them their flower’s now!
There are times I check in on them & they have no food or very little to eat.
I have felt their pain of abandonment some have family member’s that wrote them off a long time ago.
This is sad I sometime buy food in bulk & give it away to them,but over-time it’s becoming to costly for me.
I’ve even stood on church lines to gather enough food for them to eat a healthy meal three times a week.
The big plan would be in 25 days to purchase in bulk from BJ’s or Costco’s
food that each person likes a list of can goods,frozen,fresh & meats.

I would provide transportation for the elderly to run errands to fulfill their independents & feel safe,
while doing so in the future.
Please help me make this a Christmas all year round for them.
Thank You in advance for visiting my page & taking the time to care.
Best Regards From Feed The Elderly & Showing Love

Money Singers-Be Surprised At The Information-AljstarJanuary 6

Do you need Money Singers at the next party?
Why not plan ahead & have the information at your finger tips?
My experience was good check it out & we can talk.
Best Resource

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