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People who have money know how to guard it well.
Those that are high & dry broke seem to have a hard time
making money stretch these days!
Which one are you a person with money or broke?
I find myself hating to break a $20.00 bill,because once you use one dollar
of that money it starts to spend quickly.
The economy is changing your way of thinking we are in a recession state.
Who need a guide line on spending money?
Easy three steps
1)Only spend in direr emergency
2)Who will benefit from the transaction
3)Why spend cash charge it & pay later
In,conclusion think before spending long & hard about your finances can I truly afford this now

Money Control-Review-AljstarGlobalHoldingsInc.comFebruary 25

People who Manage Money tend to be a little tight when handling
the funds.
My experience was good review & we can discuss!
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Money Seizures-Review-AljstarGlobalHoldingsInc.comFebruary 23

My experience was excellent review & we can discuss right away!
Imagine someone being a kingpin or lots cash that exchange hands everyday.
Do you know how much narcotics that pass through the United States 5 kilograms on a cruise ship or worse?
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Money For Sports-Step Back In Time-Now Play It ForwardFebruary 21

Money For Sports-Step Back In Time-Now Play It Forward
Remember-Hank,Negro League,Joe
Today-Shaka,Michael Jordan,Coby the list can go on forever just to name a few.
The Biggest payday’s are now for all player’s they are making crazy money.
America is great can you believe they pay you for doing something you love
like breathing second nature for them GOD BLESS their talents.
I wish them all well keep the fan’s happy & have an excellent season most of all
have a plan B when the gravy train stops running for you.
This I can help you with Financial Planning think huge like the universe no
boundaries with success you already know this as being a winner!

Money Compass-Free Money-AljstarGlobalHoldingsInc.comFebruary 20

Money Compass-Free
Why suffer in this time there will be a complete thought & action now?
Who wants to something different Money?
When you want more check the meter!
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Money Equations-HomeOwners-First Time Buyer’s-Pitfall’s-AljstarGlobalHoldingsinc.comFebruary 19

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Money Equations-HomeOwners-First Time Buyer’s-Pitfall’
There are a few major things that happen in your life!
1)Getting Married
2)Becoming parents
3)Purchasing a House

My experience was good in purchasing a house,because I took my mom with me.
She had several pieces of property & knew the In’s & outs of the deal & what to ask about the property.
This is important to take someone who’s been through it before a friend or relative they already might have of gotten burned,so can negotiate a lower price for the house, items that are not right make sure you have made a list most first time buyer’s do not do,so.
The problem becomes yours after closing you must have it stipulated in the closing new refrigerator,washer,dryer,stove must be replaced prior to new owner moving into the property.
If,you decide to accept no replacements or other conditions make sure you bring down the cost of asking price of house use this for leverage of purchasing the house all the work the house needs now.Good Luck first time buyer’s

Money Internet Facts-7 things to look at with Click 17

Money Internet Facts- 7 things to look at with click bank
Money can help with business opportunities.
2)People who are fortunate to have cash are skeptical to part from it.
3)How to Make Money Work for you now?
4)Who has staying power get the job done success is just a moment away?
5)There is an understanding called karma in the universe what you believe can be achieved!
6)Everyday work harder than the last one for big checks!
7)Take what’s yours by force if, necessary make yourself over by committing & carrying out extraordinary deeds for oneself.

Money Stories-Review-AljstarGlobalHoldingsInc.comFebruary 15

My experience was good review & we can discuss.
I love to listen to different stories told by many people.
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Money Obsessions-Review- Aljstar44.blogspot.comFebruary 14

Money Obsessions- Review-
Why fantasize over money & you do not prepare to something about it?
Who See’s their future with having a lot of cash?
This can happen just do all is needed to be successful now!
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Equity Loans-Money Empowering-AljstarGlobalHoldingsInc.comFebruary 12

Equity Loans-Money
This can be a very good time jump on board.
Why continue to suffer with today’s economy?
Do great things with the money for ex:pay-off your bills,take a vacation
or purchase an economical car!

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