Veterans Sanctuary A Placed Called Home Need Donations To Complete The DreamDecember 26

How many veterans do you know right now?
Why should we help veterans get affordable homes?
Who really care about our fellow veterans?
These are just a few questions we need to ask ourselves.
Do you have any members in your family that served in the armed forces?
If, you answered yes to any of the questions than you should be able to comprehend a great cause
right about now.
We the human being population and whole nation need to pay if forward for our soldiers they had given us so much freedom.
That we the american people might of taken for granted so many soldiers loss their lives fighting a good fight.
This is something that i see a need for veterans to have affordable homes and a meal program.
Yes, we should feed our soldiers too they have earned the right to have a place they call home.
The very best treatment from all would be nice;unfortunately we do not always get what we deserve in the end.
However lets all make a sound decision where we can agree to exam the problems at hand.
Keeping in mind the task set forth donating to great cause .
Please get the word out pass on the information what will it hurt do your part.
I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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