Veterans Are The Stitch In A Pattern That Holds Our Picture Called Freedom Together Do They Deserve Affordable HomesJanuary 1

Veterans are the stitch in a pattern that holds our picture called freedom together do they deserve affordable homes.
How do you see the economy working out for soldiers once they return home from war?
Do you believe they have an advantage or disadvantage with housing?
I say give them better shelter a place to call home this is my cause in helping them.
What can we do as people in a free nation pick up the cause an honor our soldiers support them with affordable homes and a meal program?
This would be something to do and I would be grateful in being a part of such a cause come join me pick up the fight.
Why because they continue to fight for our freedom that came with a price their lives that cut like knives many have gone and conquered the enemy and arrived back home,but left in the zone.
They have nothing to call their very own my take on the situation life is not fair do I dare care a loud yes.
After all let it be told this soldier gave his life for me to be free he/she did not know me personally,but took a stand in my place and ran the race straight into war that even the score.
Who should rally this plight everyone that benefit from their sacrifice do you live are you free,so lets stand together donate for the cause.
My inspiration when I see a veteran struggling to make ends meet brings tears in my eyes they swell up like fat plums run juicy for awhile.
There are moments I become angry and ask what can I do than a light bulb goes off reach out to others to help me make the dream come true one person alone can spark a flame that become a fire this is my desire.
Once upon a time in far away land there was a dispute and the master plan was to cause division among the people, so the great leaders sought to have the soldiers resolve the disagreement.
They fought night and day until the leaders got their way all of a sudden both leaders near and far release the soldiers from their duties and said go now the recruits are here return home.
Once the soldiers returned home they shortly realized most of them had to start from fresh new beginnings needed much help with less resources
to tap into today, so let’s ban together put in an order of stay for our soldiers affordable homes check and meals program double check.
Those small but needed things a roof over your head and a meal for your stomach will be the very best thing to offer our soldiers.
Come join the cause right now Donate please don’t wait our veterans deserve our best this is the test do you get A mark or F for failure to communicate how much veterans plights matter to you.

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