Veterans Lets Applaud Them For Keeping Us Safe And Reward Them With Shelter Affordable Homes & A Meals ProgramFebruary 2

Veterans Lets Applaud Them For Keeping Us Safe And Reward Them With Shelter Affordable Homes & A Meals Program.
The tick tock sound you can hear like a clock see the birdie fly out the clock time is of the essence lets get the job done.
My plight can be tremendous at times but I can not give up the fight we all need shelter and deserve a place to call home.
My song shall go on like a beacon light off the shore in a tower house near and far a distant land or maybe next door.
There comes a time we all must stand and salute those that gave their lives to protect and defend our cause freedom.
Let a cautionary tale be told can you see the dream of a life-time to donate such a real cause for veterans the soil beneath us they make life possible each and everyday. Who else can see the truth and participate in helping our soldiers get the necessities like air and water.
This can not be disputed as a luxury,but a must have do you see why I cry they do need our help!
Today will you be counted in or out come closer mingled in despair do you dear care or fizzle out.
Nationwide the pain grows from sea to shore I do adore the land of the free that is me building a bridge for those people who shed blood.
Do I run away or dig my heels in the dirt? I see the clouds floating high in the sky white fluffy so soft color great to behold than drifting between the spaces I can get a glance at light blue background seem so close I could reach out and touch them.
Whoever said life is complex did not see the simple things so small you could miss them when you do not pay attention?
Therefore the complete circle the veterans and the people that honor them now P.L.E.A.S.E Donate get the word out.
P= People
L= Lives
E= Equate
A= Aspire
S= Save to feed
E= Elevate to house
However the door swings see a worthy fight jump right in big or small this is a call to action do not fall,but stand tall in the final hour.
Our veterans need us to house and feed them will there be one out of hundred will that be you?

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