Veterans Sanctuary A Placed Called Home Need Donations To Complete The DreamDecember 26

How many veterans do you know right now? Why should we help veterans get affordable homes? Who really care about our fellow veterans? These are just a few questions we need to ask ourselves. Do you have any members in your family that served in…

Fundable Online Fundraising — Feed The ElderlyJanuary 10

Fundable lets groups of people raise funds or pool money for group …feed the elderly 42 men & women need help to survive life.

Feed The Elderly & Provide Transportation-FundableJanuary 7


My goal is to feed 42 elderly men & woman in my area their starving literally.
I’d like to surprise them all & show them love still exist in this world by giving them their flower’s now!
There are times I check in on them & they have no food or very little to eat.
I have felt their pain of abandonment some have family member’s that wrote them off a long time ago.
This is sad I sometime buy food in bulk & give it away to them,but over-time it’s becoming to costly for me.
I’ve even stood on church lines to gather enough food for them to eat a healthy meal three times a week.
The big plan would be in 25 days to purchase in bulk from BJ’s or Costco’s
food that each person likes a list of can goods,frozen,fresh & meats.

I would provide transportation for the elderly to run errands to fulfill their independents & feel safe,
while doing so in the future.
Please help me make this a Christmas all year round for them.
Thank You in advance for visiting my page & taking the time to care.
Best Regards From Feed The Elderly & Showing Love