Obama Inauguration 1/20/09-Aljstarglobalholdingsinc.com-Happiest DayJanuary 20

Aljstarglobalholdingsinc.com-Obama Inauguration 2009- New Millennium-Happiest Day
American People feel a change will mark the beginning of a new era for hope & world peace.
This is our pray as one nation simply needing a positive change no more double talking or secret multi-tasking for deadly outcomes. We just want a connection like a fine knit woven blanket each stitch represents the people on the move of creating something great our leader hands are the instruments casting forth the movement called ” sound bridges” carefully constructed by our master plan JESUS on the main line…

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Feed The American People-Donation-@ FundableJanuary 13

Please Help Feed The Elderly & Provide Transportation @ Fundable
After all Money Contributions must start at Home first and be sent out Nationwide.
Global Love is needed to mend the pain,see with your own eyes & clean up your own backyard than search in the wilderness.

Fundable Online Fundraising — Feed The ElderlyJanuary 10

Fundable lets groups of people raise funds or pool money for group …feed the elderly 42 men & women need help to survive life.