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Money Made Online SimplifiedJanuary 27

Money Made Online Simplified
How do we support each other online?
Who wants to make any money and see a profit?
The investment you make is in yourself and future life.
My concept research your investment,beforehand do your homework.
Please do not fall for Guru or perfect planning mess most of the time they do not work.
This is the steps in succeeding on the internet find a business that is low end start-up.
1)Small to no fee free start-up cost
2)Creditability check forums comments
3)Google it
4)Seek those that mentor you for free(rare)
5)Must do the time for your business 5hrs to 20 hrs a week
6)How fast do you want to grow than do the time
7)Write articles to generate business very important for traffic to site
8)Links getting well known people will hook-up to you
9)Source of information giving it or free items give away
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Review En Vogue-Don’t Let Go(Love) (Set It Off Movie Soundtrack 1996)Affiliates Money Train OnlineDecember 26

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Review En Vogue-Don’t Let Go(Love) (Set It Off Movie Soundtrack 1996)Affiliates Money Train Online
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Review Might Stop Bankruptcy Across The Board Money Decisions 101/Principles For Survival In 2009October 5

Money Decisions 101/Principles For Survival In 2009
By Anita L Jernigan

Why are we so blind to our own U.S Economy the American people should we continue to bail out the world?
Who is seeing there dollar’s shrink?
How many purchases can you make with $1.00 today?
If,you said three items on a rare occasion that would be correct.
My experience was it a worthy item probably just a candy bar!
I’ve watched U.S. economy inflate while money has very little value in our society a buck in early 1900’s would be a treasure for one cent items.

Do you see drastic changes in our spending habits buying stuff?
I found myself wanting to buy silly stuff,because most of the time you can not afford the things you really do need for the family.
When this happens I feel ashamed & must get something for the kids or hubby just,so I don’t feel poor!
This can be so unfair why do the American People have it,so hard can congress just make extra money & share with us laughing out loud.
Once upon a time is not our reality,but harsh outcomes & forced budgets .

The best way to make ends meet is plan ahead.
There are lots of coupons to use for grocery shopping that will help feed your family & save a bundle.
People who need clothing try Goodwill alot of nice clean items are donated ex:suits,baby clothing,shoes,bikes for a cheap sale.
Why not see the bigger picture things are not getting better just worse?
Where do we look for free living quarter’s or reduced loans that you must qualify for them & a construction company people will donate their time to help build try this resource www.allbusiness.com/construction/residential-construction/5783957-1.html
God Bless the child that has his or her own,but be aware of your available resources.
Future updates keep tuned

Revise part 2 History Money Finders NYC National Parks Offer Glimpse of HistorySeptember 23

Money Finders NYC National Parks Offer Glimpse of History
By Anita Jernigan

Why do people vacation at all and pick New York City?
If you are considering a vacation in Money Finders New York, planning ahead is the only way to go. There are simply so many things to see and do that you must have at least a general idea of how you want to spend your days before you can even begin to get started. New York is one of the greatest cities in the world, it didn’t get that way without a reason and it has a long history that is part of its greatness.

If I were to choose how to spend my time in New York and what wonderful things about New York City to introduce my children to, I would choose to introduce them to those things that bore the most historical significance first in order for that to really sink in and not be competing with the Nintendo Store or the really cool keyboard at FAO Schwarz. I would want my children to understand the history of our country good and bad and I want them to someday instill in their own children the importance of that history.

By visiting the national parks first, I will have enjoyed the benefits of the price tag (free is good almost anyway you slice it, particularly when you and your children are getting an education) in addition to fresh minds on which to impart this crucial knowledge about the birth of our democracy. Ellis Island is a great place to visit, but I think I will show them the statue from afar rather than taking the ferry ride out there. There is just so much to do in New York and every second counts. I want them to have a wonderful time as much as I want them to gain some wonderful insights that they can share with their friends at school as well (something other than the latest and greatest new Game Cube game that is coming out soon).

Some of the important national parks I’d like to take my children include: Federal Hall, where Washington was inaugurated, Grant’s Tomb, Theodore Roosevelt’s Birthplace, and Castle Clinton, which was designed in order to keep invaders out. I would also like to take them to Saint Paul’s Church. Not for religious reasons but for Religious freedom issues. I think there is an important lesson to be learned here even today, perhaps especially today.

I think the lessons that can be learned about the history of our nation in New York City are just as important as the lessons that can learned in Washington or Philadelphia. This country has taken many steps along the road to democracy and we’ve stumbled a few times along the way. There would have never been the Salem Witch Trials, the Civil War, or the Civil Rights Movement if he hadn’t but we’ve come so far and still have so far to go. I want my children to learn from our past and to look forward to our future.

I think these are the lessons we can learn from our state parks and those are much more valuable than the lessons we can learn in toy stores and throwing Frisbee in Central Park. I want my children to visit museums and toy stores and see new cultures, I also want them to take home with them a deep sense of the history of our great nation.
This is NY State full of wealth & cultural differences can be a rewarding open your eyes.

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